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Give the 
Gift of Home

Everyone in Ontario has the opportunity to support the arrival of newcomers to their community. The Newcomer Donation Network is a centralized tool connecting public donors and community agencies with offers of assistance.

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How does this process work?

Connecting a newcomer with a donated space in 4 simple steps:

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Newcomers arrive in Ontario with a need for safe and secure accommodations

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Donors use this platform to offer extra space to newcomers in Ontario

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Community-based agencies connect with donors to learn more about their homes

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Agencies place Newcomers in these safe and healthy extra spaces


Welcome to Ontario

When you first arrive in Canada, there is a lot to do, but there is also a lot of help available. The Newcomer Donation Network is a project that will connect public donors and community agencies with offers of assistance.

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Donation marketplace for community-based service agencies

The Newcomer Donation Network provides offers of housing assistance in one simple place to make it easy to place newcomers in secure housing.  

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